MinistryResource is creating a network of Architects and Builders who specialize in ministry and educational buildings. Only certified firms, committed to focusing on the specialized needs of churches and ministries, will be offered membership. Our goal will be to educate churches and other ministries in evaluating needs regarding building, expanding, remodeling, or upgrading their facilities. MinistryResource is the "go to" vehicle for ministries facing procurement decisions during construction, and our commitment to this mission becomes a joint endeavor when an architect or builder gets involved.

Our H34 Program shares our heart and our commitment to any construction project, and we, along with those architects and builders willing to make the same commitment to our ministry customers, provide a complete building solution. MinistryResource will provide online classes allowing you to receive National Certification as a Church Consultant, equipping you for service in this market. In addition, we will host regional meetings and trade shows for you to meet and interact with organizations in a construction process. You will be able to use your knowledge and experience to educate and inform ministries in the planning phase, giving them the tools they need and introducing them to your company. You will enjoy peer-to-peer discussions (online and in person) and connect with leading experts in many fields and in various kinds of ministry work.

How can you be a part of our team? Choose your group and complete the request form to discover how you can partner with MinistryResource and achieve success in this market for your firm, and most of all, for our ministry family.

Network of Church Architects

Network of Church Builders