Audio, Video, and Lighting

Audio, Video, and Lighting

Pro Sound

MinistryResource works with your team to provide consulting, design and testing, and installation services for acoustics, sound, recording, theatrical lighting, stage rigging, and video production.

The most worthwhile investment you can make in your church's audio system is the time you spend developing a strategic plan that is sensitive to both your current and future equipment needs and to your budget. The best sound systems are built on a foundation of communication with your pastor, church leaders, worship staff, speakers, and administrators.

Design is an integral part of planning your A/V/L system. All members of our design team have hands-on, expert-level experience with live sound production in Houses of Worship. No matter the size of the project, our experience and education ensure that each design is well thought out, practical, and relevant.


Upgrading, replacing, or introducing new video equipment to your facility can be a daunting task. Whether your project is large or small in scope, we at MinistryResource want to be there every step of the way.
Church video is no longer a luxury. As you consider retrofitting an old system versus installing a new one, think about how you will integrate all aspects of audio-visual production. The size of the congregation is no longer the determining factor here: it's the impact of the message on a community accustomed to fast-moving images.


LIVE – Projectors, Cameras, Switchers, Scalers, Video Mixers, Monitors, and more will allow relevant communication to your audience. We create an integrated system that gives you options for amazing presentations … whether live, recorded, or streaming.

RECORD - Record services, concerts, special messages, and events. Professional recording provides broadcast-quality viewing.

STREAMING - Stream your presentations through one or multiple platforms for immediate viewing or on-demand options.

DISTRIBUTE - Experience comprehensive video distribution that allows for the simultaneous live broadcast of your presentation to other areas and campuses.


The difference between good lighting and bad lighting is like day and night, and that's no joke. Every facility has its own unique layout, which means lighting needs to be tailored by our specialists to make you shine as brightly as possible.
Lighting from MinistryResource is designed to fit your facility's unique needs and specifications. Our technical expertise allows us to analyze your facility to make the best possible decisions. Do you have ceiling mounted projectors? If so, how are they angled? How much natural light needs to be considered, and how much needs to be blocked? These are just a few of the many questions that go into examination and consideration when selecting lighting solutions for our customers.

MinistryResource ensures that you will be able to perform to professional standards. Take advantage of our expertise and see your services in ways that you never thought possible!


We're with you every step of the way, and the proper installation of your A/V/L system is just as important to us as making sure you have the right design and equipment.

In addition to system design and equipment, we offer comprehensive service by installing your equipment and training your staff to use that equipment. We utilize the most up-to-date installation procedures to reduce clutter, provide a lower profile, and give you remote options.