So You've Decided To Build

H34 Program

Managing construction has never been harder, and procurement for your project can complicate every facet of your timeline ... but MinistryResource has the right answers.

Building on Firm Ground...
The H34 Program is based on Hebrews 3:4, which says, "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."

New Construction, whether it is in the form of a brand new facility, an addition to your current campus, or a remodel, will bring excitement and life to your ministry. This excitement is powerful, and you need it to continue throughout the project. MinistryResource's H34 Program was designed for that purpose ... we shoulder the majority of the workload and its deadlines, while you keep the excitement going.
No matter the place or the time, when you involve MinistryResource, you are guaranteed the best in support. From the beginning to the end — and even afterward — you can rest easily, knowing that MinistryResource has your project covered with excellence in our service and consideration in our communication.

In most cases, we can make arrangements to visit and inspect your facility, providing quality assessments. We involve manufacturers and designers, when possible, to provide even more detailed analysis.

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FF&E Projects

We're here to help you with your project purchasing. No two projects are alike; your building is designed with unique purpose. Our experience and expertise will enhance your plans and your project.
Helping you tackle each project need is paramount, but selection can be a nightmare. We provide multiple choices of top-quality products as well as economical options, at times even suggesting “good—better—best.” Regardless of what is selected, MinistryResource will recommend only proven, commercial-grade products at the most affordable prices.

MinistryResource works with you and your team to select furnishings that will utilize the space efficiently and effectively. We optimize space so it can be used for its intended purpose and in additional venues, if possible.

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Remodels & Renovations

From a quick touch-up of paint or new carpet tiles to a brand new roof, HVAC System, or an elevator, MinistryResource has the equipment and supplies you need. We work with leading providers of quality goods and services and provide discounts exclusive to MinistryResource members.

Our partner experts will give you insights and examples, making sure you have the solutions that will work best for your ministry. Take a look at some of the amazing partner contracts available to you from MinistryResource.