Our History

Our Story

MinistryResource is the nation's largest ministry procurement organization, partnering nationwide with over 40,000 ministries.
MinistryResource started in 1987 with a goal to provide faith-based organizations purchasing opportunities not found through standard channels. Providing commercial-quality products at consumer-product price tags has enabled us to help ministries be more successful in purchasing, which furthers our mission. We believe it is important to manage church dollars wisely, and our focus and experience provide an expertise that guarantees MinistryResource members are being good stewards when purchasing with ministry funds.

What We Do

MinistryResource tasks itself with a mission to serve. We have been called to provide quality resources (products, equipment, services) to our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the United States. We sell only commercial solutions to our ministry family, with warranties that convey the quality of the product(s). In addition to selling the products, goods, or services, we educate and train our customers, equipping them with knowledge that allows them to make better choices when purchasing. We refuse to oversell or undersell. We strive to meet the need fully. We work HARD to bring the best pricing available and provide savings that our ministry customers can take and invest back into their ministry and its mission. If you would like to know more about the heart of MinistryResource and our mission, please call any of our dedicated employees, and they will be happy to share more with you.

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